On July 1, 2019, the Montana Economic Development Industry Advancement (MEDIA) Act came into affect. It offers a 20% transferable income tax credit on production expenditures in the state with additional amounts that can increase the credit up to 35% of the production company’s base investment in the tax year. These per production, additional incentives include:
  • 25% of compensation for MT resident crew
  • 15% of compensation for non-MT resident crew
  • 20% of above-the-line compensation (actor, director, producer, writer)
  • 30% of compensation paid to a student enrolled in a MT college/university who works on the production for college credit
  • 10% of payments to MT colleges/universities for stage, equipment, rentals, or location fees for filming on campus
  • 10% of all in-studio facility/equipment expenditures that rents a studio for 20 days or more
  • 5% of expenditures in an underserved county
  • 5% for using “Filmed in Montana” screen credit logo
  • 25% of post-production wages
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