About Yellowstone Film Ranch

Yellowstone Film Ranch is a one-stop-shop Montana film location with industry-leading tax credit services, an operational western town backlot, acres of open field available, medieval sets, and a spacious production office in the heart of downtown Livingston, complete with a costume & prop house, and studio space featuring cabin interiors.

The Western Backlot is styled after a late 1800s gold rush town uniquely located in Montana’s pristine Paradise Valley. The vast sagebrush and forested serenity offer a 360 degree view of glacier mountain peaks, rolling hills, and Emigrant Peak.

YFR offers ten fully functional interior/exterior sets with numerous support buildings and façades to create the look of twenty-eight unique structures with two intersecting streets. Of these finished interiors, there is a church with preacher quarters, a town hall, livery, jail, sheriff’s office, a bank with an authentic 1860s counter, a general store, a guest house, a saloon with a brothel and bathhouse, and a mine entrance. There are several support structures available for interchangeable interior sets and additional period sets and landscapes are scattered throughout surrounding areas, including a barn and a wooden log cabin by a stream. A prairie farmhouse is coming soon. 

YFR’s team is a valuable point of contact for filmmakers, combining a full-service production studio and the state’s top western town with production planning, location services, and personal support maximizing the value of Montana’s tax credits and production incentives.

Montana has a 30% tax credit incentive, no sales tax, highly experienced crew and talent, and priceless locations!